2020 / 2021

1st – 9th September 2020
3rd September 2020
10th September 2020
11th September 2020
2nd October 2020
15-16th October 2020
Late October-TBD
5th November, 2020
6th November 2020
13th November 2020
20th November 2020
8th December 2020
18th December, 2020
7th January 2021
25th January 2021
1st and 2nd February 2021
3rd February 2021
25th February 2021
3rd March 2021
Late March -TBD
24th & 25th March 2021
1st April 2021
8th April 2021
10th April 2021
13th April 2021
19th April 2021
Early May
May 2021
2nd June 2021
10th June – 15th June 2021
17th June 2021
18th June 2021
18th June 2021


Staff Professional Development Days 
Class of 2020 Graduation 
School year starts – Grade 11 and 12 Orientation
School year starts – Grade 9 and 10 Orientation 

School Day Trip through Chianti 
Parent teacher meetings 
Optional 4-day weekend trip to Athens or Prague Cancelled due to Covid
Senior Course Withdrawal Deadline 
Senior Course Midpoint
Senior Reports Published 
Junior Reports Published
Immaculate Conception Holiday 
Christmas Break starts at 1pm
Start of school – Semester 1 continues 
Senior Semester 1 Exams start (5 days) 
Staff Professional Development Days
Semester 2 starts 
Winter Break starts (25th February – 2nd March) 
School resumes 
Optional 4-day weekend trip to London TBD
Parent Teacher Meetings
Spring Break. (1st April – 7th April) 
Ontario Literacy Test 
Semester 2 Course withdrawal deadline 
Semester 2 Midpoint 
Semestered Courses Mid-term Reports Published
Optional 4-day weekend trip to Stockholm or Copenhagen TBD
Full School day Trip to Carrara
Republic Day Holiday
Semester 2 Final Exams 
Final reports published  
Class of 2021 Graduation 
School year ends