Elementary School

CSF elementary school
Our Elementary School program spans Grades 1-5 and provides students with a balanced curriculum and rich environment designed to spark their curiosity, critical thinking and imagination.

Our program is designed to instill a critically thoughtful engagement in learning through integrated units of study while providing the essential skills in the academic areas taught. The children are encouraged to ask questions, to investigate, and to come to their own conclusions with the guidance of our teachers. Our nurturing staff offer encouragement, support and challenge that is based on knowing every child.


Elementary School Program

General Studies


Language Arts:
English / Italian / French

Physical Education and Health Education



The Arts:

Visual Arts


Integrated Drama with Language Arts 

Science and Technology

Social Studies 


Technology integrated into all subject areas



Elementary Special Features

We have integrated units sharing five to six school-wide themes of global significance and common critical thinking questions.

  • Children’s learning is fostered in a climate where all aspects of the child’s development are nurtured.
  • Our richly integrated, child-centered curriculum connects content, values and commitment.
  • Our balanced curriculum includes a scope and sequence of essential skills in the different subject areas as outlined in the Ontario curriculum that align with formative and summative assessments and significant learning tasks called mini challenges.
  • We focus on a strong academic foundation of skill development that is integrated into the units and differentiated as needed to meet the interests, strengths and needs of our students.
  • Technology, physical education and arts programs are designed to provide a bridge among disciplines while staying true to their own disciplines.
  • Administration, faculty and staff help students become respectful and contributing members of the school family as well as the larger local and global communities. The principles of respectful and courteous behavior are taught and modeled each day. Within our warm and nurturing environment, students are encouraged to strive for and attain high levels of achievement, independent thinking and ethical behavior.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Elementary School students have a number of opportunities to hone their leadership skills. Older students are paired with younger students for the CSoF Buddy Program and Grade 5 students take turns being leaders on the playground as part of the Peace Maker program.
  • Canadian School of Florence Elementary School is a scuola paritaria in accordance with Legge 27 del 3 febbraio 2006.