CSF kindergarten teacher and children

Full-day kindergarten is designed to give a child a stronger start in school and in life – by providing three, four, and five-year-old students with an engaging inquiry and play based learning program during the regular school day. Children are involved in a variety of learning opportunities to help them investigate, problem solve and collaborate, under the guidance of an educator team that includes a teacher and an educational assistant for classes of a certain number of hours.

The focus will be on literacy and numeracy.  The teaching will not be delivered in a traditional lecture style but rather through play or inquiry-based learning.  The focus on the program will be readiness for grade 1. We will follow the world-renowned Reggio-Emilia philosophy.  It is important to view Pre-K-JK-SK as a three-year program for readiness for Grade One. While the focus will be on numeracy and literacy, it will be done through using the following four frameworks:

•Thinking about belonging and contributing

•Thinking about self-regulation and well-being

•Thinking about literacy and mathematics behaviours

•Thinking about problem solving and innovating

We will use the world-famous Jolly Phonics approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics.