Middle School

CSF Middle school students and teacher

Our Middle School will open in 2022. Please contact us to receive more information.

Grades 6, 7 and 8 meet the needs of the learner in transition, addressing the intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being of students to ensure a smooth transition to and preparation for our 4-year High School diploma program. We focus on both problem-based and project-based learning to solidify Math and Science skills, as well as fluency in English.

Middle School  Program

General Studies Block

Arts Block

Language Arts

Visual Arts

History/ Geography








Health and Physical Education



Middle School Special Features

  • Middle School program designed to meet the unique needs, interests and talents of students.
  • Major themes and shared critical thinking questions frame student inquiry.
  • General Studies curriculum is aligned with the Ontario curriculum with a scope and sequence created by staff based on best practices.  
  • Both programs are inspired by best practices in teaching and learning with a focus on critical thinking.
  • There is an emphasis on learning relationships that encourage children to become lifelong learners as members of the local community and of the world.
  • Academic expectations are designed for 21st Century learners and are supported by an enhanced learning environment with technology and library resources.
  • The day begins in a homeroom program where global issues as well as thoughtful questions provide the context for rich discussions.
  • Leadership Opportunities: From Student Council to the Yearbook Committee, there are leadership opportunities for all our Middle School students.  Depending on their particular interests, students are encouraged to find the role that best suits their interests.

The Italian program – Grade 1 through Grade 8

Regular Italian Class for Italian native or near-native speakers (Grade 1 through Grade 8)

  • Students receive 400 minutes of instruction a week to prepare for the Grade 8 National Italian Exams
  • Grade 1-5 – Italian Language, Math, History and Geography will be taught in Italian
  • Grade 6-8- Same as Grade 1-5; Science will be added.
  • Students in Grade 8 will sit the exams externally for 2022-2023