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University and Beyond

For our Senior School students, their Ontario Canadian Curriculum studies culminate after completing our four-year university preparation courses. CSF graduates then obtain the coveted Ontario Secondary School Diploma, giving them access to the best universities around the world - including in Italy.

At CSF our dedicated Guidance Counselor works with students over their 4-year academic path to prepare them for transition to university. Through an online platform called MyBlueprint, students gain knowledge about themselves, their preferences, and their options ultimately finding the best fit between them and universities.

The support does not stop there...

Our Guidance Counselor also organises university fairs for students and works to ensure that they reach all requirements to apply to the universities of their choice. Students are supported throughout the application process including potential scholarships.

International University Acceptances

Below is just a snapshot of our Grade 12 students' university acceptances (as of May 2023):