CSF students at boarding residence

We offer boarding facilities for our Senior School students, aged 14 to 18. Students stay in twin rooms in the Canadian School of Florence residence which is located at The Student Hotel nearby in Via Spartaco Lavagnini 70. The residence has excellent facilities and wifi throughout the building.


The residence is located near the city centre, with Florence main station (Santa Maria Novella) at a 10 minute's walk away and the Duomo just 20 minutes away. The residence includes different common areas accessible only by those who have The Student Hotel residence card. These areas are the Study Room, the Play Room, the Kitchen, the Auditorium, the Laundry Room, the Bed Talk Room, the Music Room, a Gym and a beautiful rooftop swimming pool. All of these areas are also available to other residents of The Student Hotel and not only by the students of the Canadian School in Florence.

Rooms are equipped with a bed, nightstand, lamp, wardrobe, drawer space, a flat screen Tv and a private bathroom. One bath towel and bed linen (sheets, pillows, duvet, duvet cover, pillowcases) are supplied and will be changed by The Student Hotel’s staff once a month. If the students require more regular linen changes it will be possible to purchase that service at an extra cost. Students are expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy. 

A Residence Supervisor is always at the residence whenever students are present. Residence Supervisors are trusted staff members who are there to ensure the safety and the well-being of students, to create a warm community and a 'home from home' within the residence.


Breakfast and dinner are provided to all boarding students. The meals are served at the bistrot of The Student Hotel. The students receive a card everyday from the Supervisor which they will give to the bistrot staff on duty. The Student Hotel also offers a choice of food in the public café as well as a Michelin starred restaurant. Lunch is not included in the program fee. Alternatively students can purchase lunch from the nearby cafés or supermarkets.


Students are generally in class between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Teachers, the Head of School, and the Campus Administrator are on hand to assist students with whatever they need during the school day.
After school hours, students have free time between the end of school and dinner, and then between dinner and curfew. During these times and during the night, Residence Supervisors are employed to ensure the students' safety and wellbeing.
Events, clubs and optional excursions will be planned during evenings and weekends. Some classes may require excursions both during and outside of class time.
There will generally be at least one international trip scheduled per term that is open to all CSF students.


Curfew is as follows: Sunday to Thursday – 10:00 pm into The Student Hotel and 11:00 pm each student in her/his own room; Friday  and  Saturday  – 12:00 am. Room checks by the supervisor on duty follow curfew.
Curfew rules are in place for the wellbeing and safety of the students.