Covid-19 Safety Measures

CSF campus senior school streetview

Five simple safety principles.

Five rules to stay safe

Canadian School of Florence is ready to start this new school year! 
We started welcoming our students, gradually by grades, from 10th September. As an independent school, with the advantage of having specific spaces to enable social distancing, we are fortunate to be able to offer a return to full school opening.

In doing so, we will guarantee that the school is a safe environment for students, staff and our community, in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Comitato Tecnico Scientifico (CTS) in the Technical Document issued on 28th May 2020 and in the following updates, whilst preserving the highest standards of education for our students. Below you can find all the measures we have taken to ensure complete safety.

All classes will be accessible virtually for those who cannot attend in person for whatever reason. We were able to do this successfully last year and have learned from that experience how to do it even better.
Any member of the community showing symptoms of respiratory infection and fever over 37.5°, or asymptomatic workers/people who report that they have had close contact* with a case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days (DPCM 8 March 2020) will not be able to access the school. Any member of the community who is onsite and who shows fever and flulike symptoms as described in the previous point, will be asked to leave the school. All such cases will be promptly and confidentially reported to the school management. 

*Close contact as defined by the Italian Ministry of Health’s 22 February 2020 memorandum

We will continuously monitor and adapt health and safety procedures according to the latest guidelines issued by the competent national and international health authorities.