Student Life

Students at Canadian School of Florence get involved in several initatives that enhance their leadership and organisational skills, all while having fun and making friends for life.

High School Student Council

The Signoria, the Canadian School of Florence's Student Council, is inspired by the traditional and historical governing council of the city. It took on the responsibilities of city maintenance, activities/events, and advocacy for the population – just as this group of students plans to do for their school. The Signoria has 9 voting members (one representative from each of the student Houses and one President/Gonfaloniere) but other students are present to voice opinions, concerns and ideas to improve our school community.  

During meetings, students have the opportunity to help better the school community, such as fixing the common room, planning spirit days, or developing green initiatives for the school. One major initiative the Signoria is taking on is the implementation of proper waste disposal throughout the school, bringing in recycling and organic waste bins. 

High School Student Houses

Students join one of the eight Houses at the High School. Our House System encourages friendships, mentoring and support across grades, language and cultural differences.

Over the school year the Houses battle against each other on school Spirit Days, led by their Head of House who is a member of Faculty. At the end of the year the winning House gets a special prize.

Spirit Days, like Halloween is a fun time to dress up and enjoy the festivities. See below for some of the best costumes of recent past.